Ben offers a range of maintenance and refit services that are specific to the needs of individual wooden boats, whether part-refits or general maintenance.


Classic wooden boats retain their beauty and longevity with regular care and attention. Ben takes in a number of boats each year to have a thorough service and ‘touch up’ to ensure they look their best for the beginning of each sailing season.

Maintenance work is typically carried out in Ben’s workshops over the winter months. However, Ben is on call all year round to carry out checks or repairs as needed.

Typical maintenance services include hull repairs, varnishing, paint touch ups and sail repairs.


If your boat requires particular attention on specific areas, Ben can refit specific parts of your boat without the need for a full restoration. Common refits include the replacement of centre board boxes and the replacement of grown knees. Ben will thoroughly review your boat and the targeted area, and will detail the steps required to address any issues to deliver the thoroughly bespoke refit that your boat requires.

Refit services include timber replacements, re-decking, re-rigging, re-nailing and epoxy treatment.

Please see below for an overview of the maintenance and refit services available. Ben would be happy to discuss the requirements of your specific boat in more detail and how he could help – please contact him directly.

  • Hull Repairs
  • Wood stripping
  • Varnishing
  • Wet & dry rot repair
  • Timber replacements
  • Re-decking
  • Re-rigging
  • Plank replacements
  • Re-nailing
  • Epoxy Treatment
  • Sail repairs