As a classic wooden boat builder, the design and build of a new craft is Ben’s particular passion.  He loves taking the raw timber and building something beautiful, investing care and attention and practising traditional craftsmanship.

In keeping with Ben’s passion for traditional wooden boat building, his signature boats reflect both the rich history of his family’s boat building heritage, and his own personal creativity.


Ben is currently focusing on two particular models:

The Bembridge Scow, a small sailing dinghy, was the best-selling craft of Alan Coombes, Ben’s grandfather. Ben is proud to build on his grandfather’s legacy by continuing to offer traditional wooden scows

The Grebe is Ben’s own unique design, a small rowing dinghy, with light handling and sleek lines.


Ben builds all his new boats on a ‘made to order’ basis to ensure that his customers receive the newest possible boat, with options to tailor details such as sail colour and design specifically to customer preference.

All boats typicalLy require a three month lead in time, but please contact Ben to discuss your specific needs in more detail.


If you are thinking of ordering a Bembridge Scow or Grebe, please contact Ben for a further conversation to discuss your specific requirements as Ben is keen to ensure that you receive the right boat for your needs.